How does pay per click work

PPC is a process. It means Pay-per-click. If a company wants to market its product or website then they have to pay a fixed amount of money per click to the advertiser. It depends on the keyword value. If you are unaware of this then you can read this article because the article describes "how does pay per click work?" You should keep in mind that if you use the pay-per-click service, you will have to pay for it.

Now let's talk about how pay-per-click actually works and you need to read this article very carefully to understand it. Moreover, you will not understand.

How does pay per click work in 2022

Pay per click is an online marketing tactic that will help you sell a variety of products or help you market your website. The working strategy of PPC or Pay Per Click service is that you have to pay for one click. This means that if you are marketing or advertising ads to sell your website's product. Then if someone clicks on your ads and comes to your site, you will have to pay one click for it according to the value of the keyword.

Suppose you purchased Google ads or Google Adwords service and started using ads campaign or PPC service through them. When your ads will show through Google and visitors will come to your site by clicking on your product ads. Then you have to pay Google according to the keyword value of the ads.

There are two types of pay-per-click or PPC. One is through direct search engines and the other is through social media marketing.

In other words, if you do ads campaign through Google, it will show your ads through the search engine and you will have to pay for the click on that ads. And if you are marketing your product through Facebook or other social media and if someone buys your product by clicking on your product then you have to pay for that click.

How much does cost to do pay-per-click work?

Now the question is how much will it cost you to use your pay-per-click service?

Exactly it depends on the value of your keyword. Suppose you select the keyword "how to do PPC marketing?" Now the point is that when you bit this keyword in a Google ads campaign, if the value of this keyword is 1 dollar, then you have to set a budget for how many clicks you want to purchase.

Suppose if you want 100 clicks on this keyword or link to the keyword then you have to pay 1 dollar for each click i.e. 100 dollars to Google. if you want to use the PPC service, you need to set up campaign ads. And if your ads campaign is managed by someone, then also you have to pay a fee to him/her.


Finally, you understand "How does pay per click work?" If you want to know more about pay-per-click, you can let us know in the comments. We will discuss more about this PPC later.