How Much Does Google Pay per Click

Many people who want to do paid camping or Pay per Click marketing don't know how much it costs. So for today's article, I will tell you "How Much does Google Pay per Click?"

You can start with any type of budget from small to large for PPC or paid campaigns. Because there is no set budget. Here the budget depends on the keyword value. Let's find out the details below.

How Much Does Google Pay per Click?

It depends on the CPC value of the keyword. You can start a pay-per-click campaign with any type of budget but you need to keep track of how much value keywords you are working with.

There are two types of costs in Google Pay per Click 1st Search Network and 2nd Display Network.

Google Search network means that if someone searches for the keyword you are working on or the keyword you are campaigning for, your keyword will be displayed in the Google search engine as text and link.

Example of Google ads Pay per Click

Suppose you are working with an insurance company's keyword. Now its text and link ads will show on the Google search engine. Now if the value of your insurance company related keyword is 2 dollars then if someone clicks on your text or link ads. Then you have to pay 2 dollars per click to Google.

Suppose your keyword is the "best insurance company in the world". Suppose the value of this keyword is $2. And because of this campaign, Google will include your keyword text and links ads in their search engine. And then if someone searches Google search engine by typing the "best insurance company in the world", then if your keyword is ahead in bid rate. Then your text and link ads will show one first line in the search results.

Are Google ads pay per click?

Yes, of course, Google Ads provides a pay-per-click service. If you want to advertise your website or product you can bring organic traffic to your website by launching a PPC service campaign from Google Ads.

One of the major benefits of using the Google ads pay-per-click service is that you can quickly increase your site visitors as well as increase the quality of your website.

Google Ads Pay Per Click costs?

To receive the pay-per-click service you need to start a campaign based on a set budget. When you set the budget then you need to bid the keyword ads and get a click on your ad depending on the bid. And when you get a click on an ad created in your campaign, the cost of that click will be deducted from your budget.

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And the cost of this click will depend on the value of your keywords. If the value of your keyword is $2 then you have to pay $2 per click. Now suppose you set a budget of $ 300 and got 20 clicks then $60 will be deducted from your budget.

Why you should do a Pay Per Click campaign On Google Ads?

There are many benefits to Google Ads Pay Per Click Service Campaign. Google Ad will show your keyword or product name online in two ways. One is using the search network and the other is displaying ads on a website.

Let's make it clearer... You must have noticed that when you login to Mail, it shows two text and link ads at the top of the mail. You must have seen that when you search Google with any keyword or product name, it shows the text and links of many websites in Google search results. If you notice, you can see three texts and links Ans also show at the top.

Which is better SEO or Google ads Pay per Click?

If I am asked which is the best Google Ads or SEO? I must say Google ads. If you use Google Ads then clients or visitors will come to your website very fast on your budget and your product will be sold.


We hope you understand "How Much does Google Pay per Click?" after reading this article. If you want to know more about Google ads PPC, you can email us or leave a comment. We will try to present more Pay per Click new information to you in the next article.