Scaling Google Ads Account By 4x

Imagine making double of every money you invest while running your google ad campaign. For instance, making $8 for every $4 invested. This is a clear indication that your ad campaign is going well, and this can lead you to channel more of the marketing budget to Google ads.

Still, in the euphoria of the profit you are making, you suddenly start experiencing loss. Your ROI drops drastically from 100% -79%-50% and further to 20%.

At this point, you are lost as to what went wrong and you will start looking out for what went wrong in those ads that were once yielding money.

Is this your case? Worry no more because a lot of people always experience this at different points especially e-commerce owners.

If you are still with us at this point, it means you are looking for how to improve your ad campaign without experiencing a drop in performance. The good news is that you are at the right place.

 In this article, we will show you what we did to improve our client’s ad budget which led to bringing more conversions. And also a step-by-step detail of the techniques we used. Click Here to Get Free Proposal. 

What do you stand to gain when you increase your google ad budget?

Most times, when you are starting anything new, you tend to get great results. If you have been running a google ad for some time, you will realize that you were generating great returns. If I am to guess right, still reading to this point showed that you are finding it difficult maintaining that return.

There is something you should know. The conversion you are getting is because google serves your ads to your target customers, people who need what you are offering. Google can reach your target customers because they have a good knowledge of consumers who need what you are offering. This knowledge comes from the browsing habits, search history, and purchase history of those target customers.

What happens when you begin to increase your ad budget?

It is possible that with time, you might have exhausted your customers who are most likely to buy. Google can’t keep showing the same ad to a particular group of people especially when you are using a frequency cap,  so they have to branch out and show it to other customers.

That being said, you should have in mind that Google doesn’t show your ads to people who are completely uninterested in your product. This can only happen when you have zero targeting set up.

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This means that as you keep running your ad campaign whilst increasing your budget,  google will keep presenting your ads to people who are not 100% interested in your product.

Why then do you experience lower click rates as you increase your budget?

Some advertisers noticed that sometimes, as they increase the budget, they tend to experience lower clicks through rates and conversions. Is this your case too?

You will notice that when this happens, your cost per click(CPC), and Cost Per Action (CPA) shoots up as well.

This is an error. If your Google ad campaign keeps increasing with every dollar you put in, it will not give you much incentive to focus on Google ads as a strategy to generate more conversion for your sales.

However, you have no cause for alarm. We already said that it is an error, and the good news is that every error has a solution.

Increasing your Google ads only leads to a drop in performance when you only increase your budget without tweaking or optimizing your ads in any way.

Now that we have pointed out why increasing your budget will lead to lower conversion, let us dive deeper. Click Here to Get Free Proposal.

Case study

How can you increase your Google ad campaign by 4X and bring about 5.1X more conversion?

I will recommend that you do the following if this is what you want.

  • Using dynamic remarketing, increase your revenue and conversion rate.
  • Using RSLA, increase your revenue and conversion rate.
  • By bidding on a branded keyword, you can protect your brand.
  • You can use higher search impression share to capture more conversions.
  • When you experiment with bidding, create smart shopping campaigns, and more, you can optimize shopping campaigns.
  • You can use this same technique to optimize and increase your PPC ads if you are an e-commerce owner or you are marketing for an e-commerce store. Here is how:

1. Using dynamic remarketing, increase your revenue and conversion rate.

Before now, you must have been using standard remarketing, so you may be wondering what dynamic remarketing is. Standard remarketing enables you to show a static ad to a customer who previously visited your site.

Whereas dynamic remarketing enables you to personalize your ads to your consumer base, particularly products they browsed or added to their cart.

For instance, If Cynthia looked at a brown leather Samsung galaxy phone on your site, without purchasing it. If she goes to google partner sites, she will see your remarketing ads of the same Samsung galaxy phone. Interesting right?

How do you set up a dynamic remarketing campaign?

For you to be able to set up your dynamic remarketing campaign on Google Ads, you will first have to create and upload your product feed and then proceed to create a new remarketing campaign in your product dashboard.

Click here for step by step instruction.

Having known how to set up dynamic remarketing ad, it is important to know when to do this. Setting up at the wrong time might lead to wasted effort.

We already know that dynamic remarketing is very beneficial for e commerce store owners. For you to enjoy the benefit, it is very important that you generate a good amount of traffic before you start remarketing to if your store is new, your major focus should be trying to generate enough traffic for your site, before you start launching your dynamic remarketing ads.

Alternatively, if you can look at google analytics, it will help you to figure out how effective dynamic and standard remarketing will be for your site . Click Here to Get Free Proposal

2. Using RSLA you can increase your revenue and conversion rate

RSLA stands for Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. RSLA helps you to target visitors who previously visited your website. When you are able to target the, you will serve search ads to them while they are searching for relevant products.

How can you set up an RSLA campaign?

For you to be able to do this, you can either create a remarketing list, set up a new campaign or create a list and add it to your existing campaigns and groups.

RSLA campaigns has been widely employed by advertisers, as it helps them to target generic keywords which are very relevant to their products and services.

For instance, if your website is about laptop, as an ecommerce store, you can serve your ad to consumers who have previously visited your site and are now searching for keywords like “how much does laptop cost”.

Alternatively, you can target consumers that are searching for your competitors branded keyword. By branded keyword, it includes brand names like (brand name) shop online, (brand name) buy online, (brand name) product. If you choose to use this strategy, ensure that you state why your products are very much better than that of your competitors. Ensure that you sound convincing enough as this will enable your customers to revisit your store.

To add more spice to this and sound more convincing, you can talk about how your product is a best seller and how many people it has been sold to within a particular period.

When is it best to set up RSLA campaign?

This will be very much recommended if you are already running display remarketing ads. RSLA campaigns mixed with display remarketing ads can boost your efforts.

This RSLA will help you reach out to those users who use an ad blocker. Most internet users ensure that they block off any type of ads, for you to reach such internet users, this is where RSLA comes in. Click Here to Get Free Proposal

3. You can bid on Branded Keywords and Protect your Brand.

This strategy involves bidding on your keyword. We have said earlier what can lead you to bid on your competitor’s keyword. In this particular strategy, you are bidding on your keyword.

Most e-commerce advertisers don’t usually buy this idea. To them, the question is always why they need to bid on their own branded keyword if they will still appear as the top organic sellers of that keyword.

It is important to note that appearing as the top organic result is not sufficient enough.

They can be right and safe in a situation where they don’t bid on their own branded keyword and their competitors also don’t bid on their own branded keyword.

What then happens in a situation where they don’t bid on their own branded keyword and they competitors end up bidding on it?

The implication is that before you get organic listing, they ad will appear before your own.  This will automatically cause to loose clicks while you concert to your competitors.  So having said that, you will agree with me that bid on your branded keyword will help you protect your brand.

How then can you bid on your branded keyword?

It is easy to bid on branded keyword All you need do is to create a new search campaign and input the keyword you aim to target.

When should you bid on your branded keyword?

You are meant to get about 100% of clicks for your branded terms. If you are getting less than 100%, then you should bid on your branded terms.

If you want to check your brands CTR, you have to log into Google web masters tool and then search for relevant keywords.

5. Using Higher Search Impression Share, You Can Get More Conversions

For every search, you appear for a particular number of time. So impression share refers to the percentage of impressions you appear for a particular term. For example, if quality laptop is searched 100 times a day, and you appear 60 times, then your impression share is 60%.

Sadly, many advertisers lose this impression share. The reason for this loss is budget and rank.

In terms of budget, if your budget is too low, you might run out of budget by 5pm. The implication for this is that very search conducted after 5pm, you will lose out on impression. You can already see how detrimental this is.

Furthermore, another thing that can cause you to lose out on impression is your ad rank.

To determine your ad rank, you multiply your quality score and CPC bid. Therefore you should ensure that your afs and landing pages are high quality and relevant to your customers

How can you identify your impression share?

There are two ways you can look at your impression share. Simply go to your google ads dashboard, under the column, you will see “See impression Share”. Then you can look at your impression share at the campaign level, or drill down even deeper (to ad sets and ads)

Another important thing to look out for is your lost IS (rank) column. Check next to your “Search Impre. Share”, you will see “Search lost IS (rank)”column. This will bring out the auction you are missing out on due to low impression share,

This means that if your impression share is 30%, then your lost IS will be 70%.

Should you strive for higher impression share?

The answer to this question is already pretty obvious. But for clarity’s sake, if your impression share is less than 50%, it could lead to poor campaign performance. If this is the case, you will need to place higher bids, to enable you get more IS and get more conversions.

Note, for you to be able to boost your IS, you need to look at the specific campaigns that you are achieving good

Once you discover this, try to bid more on these areas, while striving to maintain your bid in other campaigns.

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Try and place your best-selling product into a different Smart Shopping Campaign

Your best-selling product is already good enough so you don’t to spend time trying to convince. However, it is important that you segment them into a separate smart shopping campaign. It will be very beneficial to try out other channels since the product is already getting great results on display. By doing this, you will maximize your profit and ensure that you are leaving no money unclaimed.

Also place poor selling product into their own shopping campaign

The major secret to creating a good ad is to ensure that your campaigns, ad sets and ads are very relevant to your target audience. With this in mind, if you happen to have a particular set of product that is not selling off well, it could be because your offer or messages doesn’t resonate well with your target audience.

Nevertheless, you can use Smart Shopping Campaign to display your ads on multiple channels. The product might stand a better chance in those other channels.

Try and experiment between manual bidding and automated bidding.

People have been continuously trying to figure out which is better between manual bidding and automated bidding.

However, none of this entirely fits all cases. In some cases, manual bidding will be better, in other cases, automated bidding appears better. The best thing to do is to try out the two and find out which works better for you judging from the results.

Final word

The strategies listed above have been tested and trusted to work magic for e commerce owners.

When you do the following,

  • Using dynamic remarketing to increase your revenue
  • Using RSLA to increase your revenue and conversion rate
  • Bidding on a branded keyword to  protect your brand
  • Using higher search impression share to capture more conversions
  • Optimizing shopping campaigns by experimenting with bidding, creating smart shopping campaigns and more.
  • You will be able to make a reasonable progress.

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