Setup Facebook ad campaigns with optimized audience w rapid-fire retargeting

Social Media Marketing

Are You Looking for Someone to Set Up Targeted and High Converting Facebook Ad Campaigns? 

You Have Come to The Right Place!.

Rapid fire is meant to test audiences quickly then narrow down country's to scale in the proper regions and start trimming the fat.

Retargeting: Based on tracking options / pixels and customer interactions intended to show your business over and over until they convert.

We may need to talk to you (On Voice Call) zoom etc. to now more about your needs for a great campaign.

  • Business Manager setup and or Creation
  • Create/setup New ad campaigns
  • Optimize New or Old Campaigns
  • Target Audience by Demographics, Interests or Behaviors

Campaigns Which we Can Setup & Run:

  • Lead Generation Campaigns (Best for Email Generation)
  • Website Visit Campaign (Traffic)
  • E commerce Conversions and Sales
  • Brand Awareness Campaign
  • Post Engagement Campaign
  • Service-Based Campaign
  • Installation of Facebook Pixel

Note: I Will Need Access To Your Business Manager Account as an Admin

Note: I Can Only Guarantee Effective Ads, Targeted Traffic & Clicks.

I Cannot Guarantee Sales, Leads, Profits Etc.

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Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

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