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How many conversion i can expect based on monthly budget?

Your target ROAS is the average conversion value you'd like to get for each dollar you spend on ads. Enter a value as a percentage using this formula: Conversion value ÷ ad spend x 100% = target ROAS percentage.

For example, if your goal is to get an average of $5 in sales for each $1 you spend on ads, your target ROAS would be 500% or 5x

Google Ads sets bids to try to achieve an average return on ad spend (ROAS) for this campaign. Some conversions may have a higher or lower return than your target.

What is CPA?

Target CPA" sets bids to help get as many conversions as possible at or below the target cost-per-action (CPA) you set. Some conversions may cost more or less than your target.

CSM / Google Ad Optimization

Our technical component manages bid and budget adjustments on a micro level but at a macro scale.

Algorithm. Unique insights and strategy intervention with a human touch. We are here to make sure your goals are being met every step along the way.

How Does our Google Ad Strategy Work?

#We determine what types of conversion you want to drive.

#Our technology and team taps into millions of data points from results of thousands of ad campaigns.

#Technology constantly identifies the ad, position, keyword, and publisher that drives the most cost-efficient leads.

#Our technology optimizes bids daily across all publishers, making the bidding process more efficient and ensuring you aren't overspending on ads or lead.

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