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Get the power of social media to reach your targeted organic market. Top most powerful form of marketing today. Don't let you behind spending on outdated marketing strategies.

Everyone is sitting at home browsing social media, internet use is up 30%... ARE YOU STAYING RELEVANT?  

Facebook/Social Media Marketing Explained in 3 minutes 

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step 1


Once you have confirmed order and signed up online – you will immediately land into new Client Portal with our On-boarding instructions.

Everyrthing you need to do is connect your social media pages and answer our Business Profiler Questionnaire.

If you don’t have any social media pages setup, we can create these for you at no extra charge required.

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Every client is unique and that’s why is mandatory to spend up to 7 days researching your business and industry.

We analyse the leading competitors in your industry to find out what social media strategy will be effective for you.

Once we have all data, we ll be in a stronger position to create your social media content to run ads. 

step 3

Content Creation

In this stage, we will enter into the Content Creation Phase in which we ll create your first week of social media posts. You will be sent a preview and review before go live.

If you have specific instruction or choose to add a Facebook advertising budget to your package, this will start 7 – 10 days after your first social media posts go out.

step 4


You need to understand the ROI  it mean return on investment of our services, and that’s why we send you detailed monthly analytics.

The analytics will show you exactly how many people we have reached, how many followers / likes we have expecting, and much more.

Why Choose Journalname Marketing Service?

Branded Content

Quality content branded to your business.

Massive Value

Massive Value

We have the best prices in the marketplace for social media management.  

Strategic Execution

Strategic Execution

Content distribution across all platforms at peak viewing hours.

Social Media Marketing Packages


Simple, fast and effective 1campaign, flexible to grow Business



Simpler, faster and more effective

Falt fees for 1 Business


  • Unlimited Campaign
  • Unlimited Business
  • +15% of Total Monthly Spend*

The simplest, fastest way!


What services included in

Best part of the All Package Feature goes here for you...

Campaigns Which we Can Setup & Run:

  • Business Manager setup and or Creation
  • Create/setup New ad campaigns
  • Optimize New or Old Campaigns
  • Target Audience by Demographics, Interests or Behaviors
  • Campaigns Which I Can Setup & Run
  • Lead Generation Campaigns (Best for Email Generation)
  • Website Visit Campaign (Traffic)
  • E commerce Conversions and Sales
  • Brand Awareness Campaign
  • Post Engagement Campaign
  • Service-Based Campaign
  • Installation of Facebook Pixel

The best kinds of  Strategy are...

Yes, Social Media Marketing Service, You Have Come to The Right Place!.

Rapid fire is meant to test audiences quickly then narrow down country's to scale in the proper regions and start trimming the fat.

Retargeting: Based on tracking options / pixels and customer interactions intended to show your business over and over until they convert.

We may need to talk to you (On Voice Call) zoom/Skype/WhatsApp etc. to now more about your needs for a great campaign.

The Best Time to Start Getting  Benefit is Now!

We Experience, Every Industry Covered 

Do you know 81% of people in the US have at least one social media account – with our service you can target any person in any industry. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a multi-national organisation, our service will help you attract targeted followers with professionally designed content/creative and highly optimised ads. 

  • Custom content created just for your business
  • Custom content created just for your business
  • No fake followers or softwares driving engagement
  • AI based content distribution
  • Continuous promotion of your business
  • White glove customer service via email and phone

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Note: We Can Only Guarantee Effective Ads, Targeted Traffic & Clicks.* 

We Cannot Guarantee Sales, Leads, Profits Etc*


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