Difference between web designing and web development not aware

Maximum people got confused and do not know the difference between web designing and web development. If you are a company thinking of creating a website, you are likely on google searching for companies providing the service. Your results may confuse you when you get web designing company names as well as web development company names. While they don’t seem to be much of a difference, in reality, these two areas are different as each of them has different tasks to complete its unique processes. Building a website goes through several steps in which designing and development both are an integral part of its success.

What are web development and design?

In terms of website creation, the first phase would be the designing of the site. Web designing is thus, the art of making the aesthetic look of the website. This means that several designers use particular tools to make a website that looks appealing to its targeted user base. One of the common tools used is adobe Photoshop software which enables the designer to make an appealing layout. The designer is quite focused on the user experience to be smooth so that the user stays longer on the website. The designer will research the demo-graphics of the user based on understanding their needs and incorporate that in the design of the website. Apart from Photoshop, the designer may also use HTML and CSS programming language to make the desired website look

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Principles of designing

A designer has to look into several aspects to make sure the website is looking its best. This starts with the layout. There are heavy versus light color elements that need to be applied in the right proportion so that the website can reach the right balance. The contrasting aspect in terms of size, shape and texture also needs perfection. Designers have to play to create the right contrast so that certain sections of the site can be put to the desired highlights. Not everything on the page should be emphasized. On a blog site, certain words and phrases may require to be highlighted or emphasized. Putting them on a yellow color would make sense. The consistency or repetition of elements is also critical for web designing. If there is a lack of consistency, the user may get the feeling or belief that they have hopped on another site. For example, the consistency of the navigation bars being in the same location irrespective of the page would make the user feel relaxed going through the site. Unity, supported by the Gestalt theory, looks into the overall composition and the layout ensuring that a site is read correctly by users.

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Web development

In the second phase of the website creation process, web development takes its route of action. The essential idea is that web development is the process of works on the newly worked on the website to become functional for the user. It means that users will be able to function throughout the website such as clicking on items, giving inputs and seeing the results. The web development process requires web developers to use function enabling programming languages such as JavaScript and JQuery. They may also have to use HTML and CSS programming language to make the functions fitted in the right place of the website. Web developers can also use content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla to develop a website as such systems allow a streamlined structure to create the site as well as regularly manage the contents on the site.

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Users can easily upload newer content using content management systems. Web developers have the work to make the static layout into a dynamic site through the use of programming language based functionalities that are interactive. Web developers can be back end or front end developers. Back end developers work on coding the servers and the databases while front end developers work on the forms and look that the user will be seeing and using from their side.

For example, on a google search engine page, the designers have made the page in a design where the logo is in the middle of the page under which there is a search bar. However, when a user searches something like a cat video, the search query goes through several commands backend such as searching the database of google and based on the results, there is a result page showing the brief description and the link of the pages. Both the looks and the functionality are vital for the success of the website. Hence, web designing and web development both play a crucial role.

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Which is a better web designer or web developer?

Whether web designing is better or development is, rather, a question like which is better, coffee or milk. They aren’t competing against each other but are complementary. Some are good with the codes which are why programming language based web development may be fun for them. Others are creative in the way the website can look. For them, web designing would be better. However, some experts are adept in both areas of designing and developing. While one person can do both the tasks, big companies with a high budget to develop a website can hire two different experts to get a finely tuned work of designing as well as development. Once the design is done, the company usually forwards it to the developers who use the design to input the functionalities.

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In conclusion, web design and web development both have a crucial role to play for a successful website which looks great and functions even better. However, small companies may not be able to understand the fine difference between the two and can get confused. Neither can be compromised and a company willing to have more and more visitors on their website will ensure to apply the skills of a web designing team and a web development team to come up with the best website possible. For the users, both are very important as users want to be attracted to the website while also using it to their needs.